Dream Animals - A Bedtime Journey (book review)

Dream Animals: A Bedtime Journey was written and illustrated by Emily Winfield Martin.  (The author has an Etsy shop, called The Black Apple, where you can find her art.)  I couldn't imagine telling you about the book in a better way than Emily Winfield Martin, herself.

I haven't read the book yet... but after watching the video of the author talking about her book, I'm in love with the idea and her.  Emily Winfield Martin is adorable.  I'd love to hear her actually read the book aloud.

About Dream Animals: A Bedtime Journey

“You only have to close your eyes, and when you snuggle in, you’ll be carried to your dream tonight, on wing or paw or fin.” The author paints whimsical, dream-like paintings, full of vibrant and stunning colors that are perfect for both you and your child! Dream Animals is the perfect bedtime journey to take your children on. Share the importance of imagination and dreaming with your little ones this holiday.