A Dozen of Disney

During the week of Easter Ana and Zoe were both on Spring Break so the 3 of us left Nick at home alone (on his own type of break) and went to visit Grammy & PopPop in Florida.  While we were there I took the girls to Disney (Magic Kingdom) by myself.  I figured it would either be awful (and we would be home before dinner) or it would be fabulous (and we'd stay as long as possible). It was a gorgeous day (not too hot... not at all chilly) and Zoe and Ana were SO excited.

I almost didn't rent the double stroller (because oh.my.gosh $31!!!!) but it was the best money I've ever spent at Disney.  BEST.

We got to the park just before lunch and it was perfect timing to walk right into the best parade seats I've ever had at a Disney parade.

I asked a little boy in line behind us if he would take our picture (so I would get at least 1 of all 3 of us together).  I think he did a pretty awesome job.  (Thank you little boy!)

Let me warn you now... in about 10 years everybody better stay off the street of NJ.

Zoe loves just about every single ride.  She wants to go on just about everything.

Ana deals as long as she can sit by Mommy and snuggle.

If you ask Ana... you would think the Carousel is some kind of torture device.

Amazingly... for the majority of the day... Ana and Zoe looked and acted like these 2 little sweet girls.  They had their whiny/annoy-the crap-out-of-my-sister/drive my mom crazy moments.  But 90% of the day Disney was the happiest place of Earth for us.

In 6 1/2 years of life, and 3 or so visits to Magic Kingdom, Zoe (and Ana) saw the Electric Parade for the first time.  I wish I could have gotten a good photo of the look on their faces while they watched it.

So, we had a pretty fabulous time.  We absolutely weren't home for dinner.  Unbelievably, we even saw the 10:00 fireworks.  Grammy actually called my cell phone at 11pm (while we were getting on the ferry towards parking) to make sure we were OK.

I wasn't sure how I would do on my own in the park all day with the 2 of them... but I think I'll have to brave the parks on my own again when Nick isn't able to go with us.  (He might actually prefer it.  heh)

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