Divergent (movie review)

A couple of weekends ago I read the entire Divergent series in 3 days.   I really only planned to rush through the first book since I wanted to see the movie so badly... and I refused to see it without having read the book.  (REFUSED!)  So, I read the first book in 2 days... and then I just couldn't stop.  I will try to go with my no-spoiler rule... but I have to say that after immersing myself in the Divergent story I spent the last bunch of chapters bawling my eyes out.  Character development people... it gets me every single time.  If you make me love your characters, they are real, and I am emotional about them. (I will try to do this without spoilers.... but BE WARNED I don't see much way to do this!!!)


So... I just saw Divergent.  I'm going to go with the obvious and say a movie is never as good as a book.  They just have to leave too much out for time constraints... and make changes to make sense of things they leave out.  I know that.  I accept that.  Taking that into consideration... I want to say I loved the first 2 hours of the movie and then I hated the last 20 minutes.  Short explanation for that?  The first 2 hours stayed relatively true to the book.  The last 20 minutes?  It was like it was almost a complete rewrite.  It left me disappointed.  It left me wanting to come home to reread the book just to wash those last scenes out of my memory.  For me... it took too much of a departure from the book.  So... I loved the movie and I hated the movie.

How's that for a review?

I do want to say that I think casting was awesome (although Four is supposed to be 19... and the actor, Theo James, is 29.  I'll let that go because he was otherwise SO Four in my head.).   Spot on.  But, I was so glad to have read the book and to have gotten all of the full character development.  Character development and relationships make the story for me.  The main characters (Four and Tris) are pretty well taken care of in the movie (although still not quite)... but the supporting characters... so poorly developed.  The main feeling I left the movie with was "viewers who haven't read the book are SO going to miss out." If you haven't read the book... you have no idea who certain people are or why things are important. Read the book people.  READ THE BOOK.  (My friend is going to read the book now and then get back to me on her thoughts.)

SPOILERSSPOILERS.  SPOILERS.  (because I have to vent.)

If you haven't read the book some of the things I'm going to say right now aren't going to make sense.  But, I have to vent.  If you haven't read the book you have no idea you're supposed to really really hate Peter.  You also don't know how much of an ass Eric is.  Edward isn't even in the movie (other than being a name in 1st on the scoring board) and I think he was important.  You have no real idea that Tris, Christina, Will, and Al are best friends.  You don't get the sense of who any of them even are.  They don't have the interaction between Christina and Tris at the end of the capture the flag game.  You don't know how important Al is... so you don't get why what happens with him matters.  You don't know Will matters AT ALL... so you don't get why what happens with him matters. (When I talked about him after the movie... my friend didn't know who he was!)  They don't have family visit day.  They don't explain the 3 birds tattoo... and it's the only tattoo Tris gets.  Sigh.  It's the details that get me.

So... I loved the movie because I loved the book.  And, I hated the movie because I loved the book.