Dinosaurs Living In MY HAIR! (book review)

Dinosaurs Living In MY HAIR! was written by Jayne M. Rose-Vallee.  It was illustrated by Anni Matsick.  This post was organized by Social Done Right.  I was provided with a copy in exchange for my honest book review.  All opinions are my own.

About the book:

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 1.50.09 PMDINOSAURS LIVING IN MY HAIR! tells the lighthearted tale of Sabrina, a six-year old with a head full of very thick blonde curls through whimsical poetic verse. When her Mom muses that she must have "dinosaurs living in her hair," the fearless little gal imagines all the many fun possibilities.

"Dinosaurs Living In My Hair!" is the children's book debut from author Jayne M. Rose-Vallee and illustrator Anni Matsick. Rose-Vallee states,"This story is inspired by my daughter, Lauren Danielle. As a child, she had a tumble of lovely blonde curls that she never wanted me to comb. So I told her that there must be 'dinosaurs living in there' and she just smiled and took it in her stride."

Through the "Dinosaurs Living In My Hair!" series, Rose-Vallee encourages children to embrace their hair's individual beauty whether it is straight, curly, thick or thin. She states,"If you teach your children to embrace their natural beauty at an early age they will surely, like my daughter Lauren, blossom into wonderful and confident adults."

In addition to the books, Rose-Vallee has created an adorable line of dolls, hair accessories and apparel. These unique products are designed to accompany and further enhance children's reading and playtime experience. Coordinating the book with matching items allows the "Dinosaurs Living In My Hair!" brand to increase product awareness (particularly when apparel is worn), offer great gift package options, and create a buzz among young fans about the book. When the second and third book in the series are published, their broader appeal and subject matter, will increase the target audience and allow continued growth for the "Dinosaurs Living In My Hair!" movement.

A portion of the profits generated from the book and its ancillary products are donated to the National Alopecia Areata Foundation (NAAF), which serves the community of people affected by the autoimmune disorder that results in hair loss. This is an issue very dear to Jayne's heart since her own sister suffers from the disorder.

Written for boys and girls ages 3 to 8, Jayne's rhymes combined with Anni's lovely watercolor illustrations make "Dinosaurs Living In My Hair!", a guaranteed favorite and an instant classic.

To order DINOSAURS LIVING IN MY HAIR!, go to: RoseValleeCreations.com


Our review:

Ana insists she doesn't like this book at all.  I think maybe it's because it could BE ABOUT HER!  When Ana wakes up in the morning she doesn't just have run-of-the-mill bed-head.  She looks like she's had chirpy birds building nests.  Or that someone's snuck in and used a teasing comb during the night.  I'd love to set up a video recorder of some type just so I can see what it is that's going on to create the crazy that she wakes up with on her head.  So... I'm thinking maybe blond-haired, blue-eyed Sabrina is too "close to home" for Ana... because she does not want to talk about Sabrina... or the possibility of dinosaurs in her hair.

I, on the other hand, absolutely love this book. Also... because it could be about Ana.  Or Zoe.  Or anyone's child.  What child HASN'T argued at some point about brushing hair?  And is there a parent that hasn't made some comment about chirpy birds building nests (or something similar).  It's just a very relatable story.  Add in the rhyming poem styling... and the completely beautiful illustrations... and this is easily one of my new favorite children's books.

Now if only Ana would read it at bedtime.  :)

About the author:

Born and raised in Michigan, Jayne M. Rose-Vallee, a wife and proud mother of three children makes her children's book debut with the publication of "Dinosaurs Living In My Hair!" From being on several committees and boards to serving as the President of the Mother's Club at her children's high school, writing has always been a major part of Rose-Vallee's life. Her guiding belief is that to be successful requires a great team. This led to her partnerships with veteran illustrator Anni Matsick and Chris Schechner of Schechner & Associates for the book's layout and creative art design. The talented trio began work on the first book in the series in the spring of 2013.

This illustrious "team of experts" is rounded out by Rose-Vallee's three grown children, each of whom, profoundly helped make the book series possible. They have added their knowledge and skills by building websites, teaching her how to use Facebook, proofreading, creating logos, designing, editing, listening, and encouraging their Mom throughtout her process. In 2014, Rosevallee Creations was founded to produce the Dinosaurs Living In My Hair! book series and its accompanying products.

Jayne currently spends her time parenting her beloved doggy, Colt and loves to go barefoot, sit-cross legged on the floor, pick daisies, and bake chocolate chip cookies. Her favorite day consists of backcountry fly-fishing, an afternoon of writing, and watching the sunset with her husband and Colt in the Florida Keys. Jayne is currently working on the second and third books in the "Dinosaurs Living In My Hair!" series.

About the illustrator:

Anni Matsick is an experienced children's illustrator, specializing in artwork for children's publishing in trade, periodical and educational materials. She works with watercolor in a soft color to render realistic figures with a wide range of emotional expression. Her partial client list includes: Harcourt, Inc. Highlights for Children, Inc., Houghton Mifflin Co., McGraw-Hill, Pearson Learning, Playskool Books, Pocket Books, Pockets Magazine and Scholastic, Inc.