Dinner - #FebPhotoADay

I had every intention of taking a picture of dinner on the table.  We had steak.  We had broccoli.  We had egg noodles with butter.  It was yummy.

But... we had dinner a little late (big steak... wouldn't thaw... grrr).  We also had girls who NEEDED a bath night but also wanted to have time for a little ice cream and TV before bedtime.  (Our girls... they like routine... bath, dessert, TV, potty, brush teeth, 2 books, into bed, yadda yadda yadda.)  So we ate quickly.  The girls cleaned their plates (they LOVE steak and broccoli and noodles).  We rushed upstairs for bathtime.  We came downstairs to a perfectly cleared table, full dishwasher, empty sink.  I suddenly looked at the lovely clean-up (thanks to Nick) and realized... OH NO I FORGOT MY #FebPhotoADay DINNER!!!!  There wasn't even dinner aftermath to take a photo of.

So, you get a photo of my dining room table.  The place we eat dinner together as a family (almost) every single night.