Dilema Update

In case anyone has been wondering... Zoe hasn't climbed out of her crib since March 29th. I have to say I was thrilled with her "decision" to avoid trying that again. I love Zoe sleeping in a crib. She loves sleeping in a crib (I assume this since she is FABULOUS sleeper.) I'm afraid of switching the crib into a bed. I like that she sleeps so well and am scared that the switch will ruin us all.

That said... she did it again today. All I heard was "scream scream scream BOOM scream scream scream". I went upstairs and there was Zoe... just standing inside the door screaming.

Don't worry too much. Again, she didn't get (really) hurt. Nothing broken, no blood. We'll check for bruises later. We sat together in the rocking chair and she calmed down and finally fell asleep. In the crib she went and is still silent now (an hour later).

It's been about 2 1/2 months since her last crib escape. What to do, what to do? Is it wrong of me to see if we can go another couple months without another BOOM?