Devoured (book review)


*Disclosure - I was given a copy of Devoured with the request for a book review and the offer of doing a book giveaway. All opinions are my own.  Affiliate links.

Devoured was written by Emily Snow.  It is the first book in the Devoured series (although I just saw there is a "prequel" novella).  It is yet another "erotic romance" I'm adding to my list.  Pretty soon you're going to get the impression that I actually enjoy reading erotic romances.  ahem.

In erotic romance DEVOURED, Sienna Jensen learns that her grandmother is being evicted from her Nashville home and has no choice but to leave Los Angeles for Music City.  There she comes face to face with her past in the form of Lucas Wolfe, the flawed, gorgeous millionaire rock star—and the holder of the deed to her grandmother’s estate.  To win back the house, Sienna strikes a deal with Lucas, but as their game of seduction begins, Sienna is introduced to a dark, erotic world, and she realizes that at any moment, she could be devoured.

Before I get on with my review... I just have to share one thing that I totally absolutely hated about the book.  Sienna is described as being a red head.  Her hair is repeatedly mentioned.  Her hair is almost it's own character.  I can not explain how much it annoys me that the girl on the cover has light brown hair.  Or dirty blond.  Or whatever you want to call it, but NOT RED.  It bugs me.

Moving on.

I always worry when I start reading one of these books that it's going to be so focused on the "sexy" that it's going to ignore the story and character development.  For me, if I don't fall in love with your characters (or... fall in hate with them) I can't fall in love with your book.  Let me just tell you... I completely fell in love with Sienna and her story.  I fell in love with her Grandmother.  I hated her mother.  I couldn't decide about her brother Seth.  I fell in love with Kylie (Lucas' assistant/sister).  And Lucas?  Well... I hated him, I loved him, I hated him, I loved him... and then I hated him some more.  I rode Sienna's emotional roller-coaster right along with her.

I refuse to ruin the end of the book.  I even hate to ruin the middle of the book.  Forget it... even spoiling chapter 1 isn't fun for me.  I'm not quite sure how to avoid going all spoiler alert.  But, I just have to say that I found myself saying, way too many times, "oh. my. gosh. just give in already!!!!"  The suspense was killing me.  Then throw in the secret that "Sam" is holding out in the end and I had my hands on a complete page turner.  I read the book in 2 sittings (on the way from Newark to Chicago... and then Chicago to Newark!).  Even when I finished the book I wasn't completely satisfied because, well, lets just say CLIFFHANGER.

 If I wasn't already dying to know Lucas' secret... the book 2 description is going to make waiting kill me.