desaki Japanese Restaurant

*Disclosure - We were invited to enjoy dinner at desaki during our Camelbeach Mountain Waterpark trip.  Our meal was complimentary (excluding alcohol & gratuity).  All opinions are my own. As a part of our invitation to visit Camelbeach Mountain Waterpark in The Poconos (PA) we had reservations made for us at desaki, a Japanese restaurant located about 10 minutes from Camelbeach.  Our family LOVES everything about Hibachi... and after looking over the website it looked like we were in for a treat.

Although the restaurant has been in business for years (I believe Vincent, the owner, said 6 years) every bit of it looks brand new.  We would have sworn, from appearances, desaki had just opened it's doors.  Exterior and interior, the restaurant is flawless.  The combination of a Poconos log cabin look with added Japanese architecture was perfect.  And, I have to say, I don't think I've ever been in a cleaner place.  It was like it was brand new.

DesakiExteriorFrom the desaki website:

desaki Japanese Restaurant is the most family friendly dining experience in the Pocono Mountains. We pride ourselves in our unique approach in offering a fantastic celebration, even if there’s no special occasion.  We celebrate family, food, fire and fun. Our talented Hibachi chefs prepare all your favorites including Filet Mignon, lobster, scallops, salmon, chicken, NY Strip and jumbo shrimp right before your eyes to ensure it’s just the way you like it.  desaki’s ultra-fresh Sushi menu includes traditional items as well as Chef Leo’s own unique creations.  Our fare is delivered fresh daily to ensure only the highest quality.

Perfect for Families and Large Groups


DiningExperienceThe menu offered the usual Hibachi fare.  We loved the simple edamame appetizer that came while we looked over the menu.  It gave the kids something to keep busy while everyone was figuring out their orders... and was really yummy.  The "show" of food preparation was exactly what we expected.  They had an interesting bar drink menu.. and I ordered a Plum Wine cocktail that was absolutely delicious.  I ordered my "usual" of filet and scallops and I have to say I don't think I've ever eaten scallops that were so good.  I was a little sorry I hadn't just ordered scallops so I could have had a larger order!  Nick ordered the lobster and sirloin and it was delicious as well.  Not a single food complaint.  We actually talked about the fact that an hour might not be too far to drive for such a good meal.  (We've driven into NYC just for dinner... why not PA?)


After our dinner we were given a tour by Vincent Trapasso, the owner of desaki.  I can't express how friendly and welcoming Vincent was.  We also met his wife and 3 children (his youngest is 14).  The entire family is involved in the business.  Vincent wants to ensure that he has a legacy to leave that his children have helped to build.  He runs a true family friendly restaurant... and has extreme pride is his establishment and in his family.  You could hear it in his voice as he talked about the different rooms and the services they offer for events.  Not only is the restaurant available to large dinner parties... but they also have an event area that he told us is used for things like Sweet 16 parties, local corporate events, charity functions, and event the occasional wedding!  In addition to the dining area and event space... desaki also has a small private room to host smaller events.  And what were Zoe & Ana most impressed with?  Of all things... the bathrooms!  Zoe decided she wanted a bathroom like theirs in our house.  It really was beautiful with it's dark wood and rich red walls.  Like the rest of the restaurant... it was completely spotless!  Vincent said he tells the staff that each night he wants the place cleaned so that it's even better than the day before... and they absolutely do that.  I hate to be repetitive... but I just can say enough about how well taken care of this business is.


For a little added fun... we actually had our family picture taken and you can find it on the desaki website!  I can promise that the next time we're in the area... you'll find us eating at desaki. :)