Defying Destiny (book review)

banner Defying Destiny was written by Cherron Riser.  This post was organized by N K Author Services.  I was given a copy in exchange for my honest book review.  All opinions are my own.

About the book:

Defying Destiny ebook cover 26jan2015-2500Cameron Burk has just broken up with his long-time girlfriend. But, determined not to miss out on the biggest event of the year, he flies solo to the senior prom. Rhyanna Paramore is onstage providing the entertainment along with her up-and-coming rock band, Defying Destiny. Cameron spends the evening entranced by Rhyanna's talent and beauty. When they crash into each other after the dance, sparks fly. Though they come from two different worlds, their friendship quickly blossoms into romance.

After graduation, Cameron is off to law school while Rhyanna and her band hit the road, bound for stardom. The years bring them success, though distance and stress take a toll on them both. When the pressure of her nightly performances threatens Rhyanna's health, a dark secret comes to light.

With their love tested, Cameron and Rhyanna must decide if their relationship is real and worth fighting for. Only by Defying Destiny can they find true happiness together.

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My review:

Cameron's break up in the beginning of the book was really painful.  What a crappy way for a relationship to end right before prom.  I have to say... he had remarkable self-esteem with little ego for a popular high school senior.  Not to say he wasn't hurting.

I have to say I did love the start of Cameron and Rhyanna's relationship.  The boy next door and the rocker chick had next to nothing in common... but they became such great friends.  I really enjoyed the scenes involving Cameron's parents and family meeting Rhyanna.  It really made their relationship more real.

I have to say something was missing for me somewhere along the way.  I liked both of the characters well enough... but neither of them really drew me in enough to make me fall in love.   When they fell for each other I don't think I ever had that moment of every really feeling it.  That said... I enjoyed the story of them trying to maintain their long distance relationship while Rhyanna lived life on the road and Cameron continued studying to become a lawyer.

About the author:

Cherron Riser Photo Cherron Riser is a romance and paranormal romance author. When not hard at work on her next novel, she can be found with a good read in hand or trying to convince her puppy that she is in fact a dog and not a person. She is a wife and mother to two girls. Her family is unabashedly geeky and enjoys sharing a good board game or role-playing game.

Cherron's published works include three short stories: "Escaping the Beast" appearing in the Winter 2014 Paradoor anthology, and "In the Heat of Escape" and "Engraved with Honeysuckle" in the Spring 2014 Paradoor anthology. Her first full-length novel, Defying Destiny, is set to release in March 10, 2015. Cherron can be found on her website and on Facebook.