Decorate a tree?

Well sure!  We can decorate a tree like pros!

But wait... what?

You want us to stand together and have our picture taken in front of the tree we're decorating?

And you want us to both look cute?

And smile nicely?

And look natural?  And like we're enjoying ourselves?

Can't we just pay attention to the tree and keep decorating?

Um... well... how about this?  How about if we do a random dance?

OK!  Fine!  We'll sit together and look cute and smile nicely. 

Huh?  What do you mean your camera settings weren't right???  We did it for you.  Cute. Together. Smiling.

OK!  Here.  We'll do that "cheeks" pose thing you're always asking us to do.  Now are your settings right for dim light by the Christmas tree???

That's it.  We're gonna start singing that song.  The one about how our mom is crazy and should be taken away by the men in white coats.  Wearing one of those nice jackets.  And the camera should go with her.

No, we're just kidding Mom.  Taking a gazillion shots while fiddling with camera settings is TOTALLY a normal thing to do.

We love you. 

Now... um... would you just give up and turn on the flash already?  Set it to auto maybe?

This one's gotta be good Mom.  Even if it's not... just edit it to death.  It'll work.

I'm smiling Mom.  And being cute.  How can I possibly also stop Ana from doing an army man crawl???  She's trying to escape.  I don't blame her.

OK!  This is it!  This is the last shot we're letting you take.  It's good or it's not.  1. 2. 3. GO!

Pose for nice holiday themed pictures?  Hrumph!

But... yes... we can decorate a tree like pros.