A Day at Ron Jon Resort (in May)

While we were on our last Florida trip in May we took a day and went to the Ron Jon Resort in Cocoa Beach. We all had a great time... and the girls especially enjoyed the swimming and sand!

Ana was all smiles in the shallow "baby pool".

Zoe had a pretty good time in the "baby pool" too. 

After getting soaked in the fountains Zoe took a little break in the lazy river.

Nick seemed to enjoy the lazy river too.  (I took my turn later.)

We took a break for lunch at the pool side bar.

Hi PopPop!

Sparkly eyes.

Smiley Zoe.

Zoe looked like she was ready to take on the ocean.

Ana thought she might splash the waves away.

Hi Grammy!  We see you over there!

Look!  Proof of me enjoying the sun and sand.  (Well.... not so much the sand.  I don't love sand.)

A couple o' tushies.

My sunshine girl.

Ana really becomes one with the sand.

Off in their own little world.  Chatting away about things only they know about.

We had a really great time.  The weather was gorgeous.  Perfect beach weather.  And then... at the end of the day... we were really happy to get back home to crash.  We'll definitely be trying to do that again on another trip.