A Day at the Beach

While we were in Florida at Grammy and PopPop's house we took one day to head to the beach.  Since they are members at the Ron Jon Resort at Cocoa Beach that's where we headed.  It's always best, in my opinion, to have a pool available to escape when you're finished at the beach.  That is especially my opinion since Ana isn't a HUGE fan of sand... and I actually hate sand quite a lot.

So... the beach...

Ana actually was agreeable to get into the ocean (just a little bit).

There was a slight panic attack on realizing that there was "SAND ON MY FEET SAND SAND SAND ON MY FEET!!!"

After we recovered from the attack of sand we both calmed down a little bit.

This might be my favorite picture of Ana at the beach... her and her little sandy tush.  (Don't tell her she had sand on her tush though.)

Once upon a time Zoe couldn't stand the beach either.  That's not the story any longer.

I suppose I can understand being nervous when you look this tiny and think about how vast the ocean is.

I didn't realize how little this pail is until I saw it in the photo.  It could be the tiniest pail ever.

Look... a picture of me at the beach!  (Well... not all of me in this pic... but you can see my feet in the earlier pic.  Haha)

The men relaxing under umbrellas.

2 girls collecting shells.

It was nice having so few people around.

Not that the beach was empty... there were other people.

Finished with the sand and the surf.  Waiting for the trolley to take us to the resort pool.

Ana is a pretty good swimmer (with her vest on).

This face is Zoe saying "swimming is such hard work!"

I love the flowers in Florida.

At the end of the day... this is how we all felt.  Done.  Just done.