A Day at The Animal Kingdom

Vacation day 3 (9/14)- Animal Kingdom

On Friday morning Grammy and PopPop drove over to our hotel to meet us after breakfast. After showing them around the Lodge we all went to The Animal Kingdom for the day. Zoe was excited about the animals... but even more excited about seeing Grammy and PopPop.

We ended up with a hot day. A very hot day. An Africa hot kind of day. Guess it was fitting... but boy, did we feel like we suffered all day long. I just have to say that animals don't really smell pleasant on a cool day. You can only imagine the scent of those animals on a hot, hot day (and the scent of the people waiting in lines. P.U.!) We still enjoyed ourselves.

One of the first things we did was go in to see "It's Tough Being a Bug". Zoe really enjoyed wearing the 3-D buggy glasses... right up until the point that an acorn was 3-D thrown at her face. She spent the rest of the show with her face in my chest but didn't cry at all. I guess we'll wait a little while until we try another 3-D show.

Zoe really enjoyed all of the animals. I think some of the monkeys (not sure which kind) were her favorites. We stayed and watched them climbing and swinging for a long time. Every time the "baby" moved out of site she would look at us and yell "where baby? where baby go?"

Zoe squeezed in a nap (even at The Animal Kingdom). I wouldn't have thought it possible, but she fell asleep on the safari ride. You get on a kind of truck and they drive you through the Disney Savannah and Jungle area. You really get jostled around pretty seriously while driving through the "rugged terrain". She slept through the whole thing, and let me carry her and put her in her stroller while staying asleep. She must've been exhausted and the heat didn't help.

The last thing of the day was Mickey's Jammin' Jungle Parade. I tried to find the music online to post here... but no luck. I did find a site to link to (in case anyone is interested) where they play the entire parade audio. (I would have loved to have used the music in the slideshow... but the nerve of them... copy write rules and such.) Disney parades are my favorite parades. Zoe seems to enjoy them too!

We saw so many animals I can't even remember them all. It really is an amazing place. Guess that's why we've been there 2 times with Zoe already. Maybe next year we'll try The Magic Kingdom? (Whatdya think Grammy?)