Darklight (book review)

Written by Lesley Livingston.


is the second book in the Wondrous Strange series.  This book got off to a much quicker start than the first.  It jumped right into the action.  I felt a much stronger connection with Kelley (the main character)... although I'm still not sure I love her.  I did still really enjoy the whole concept of the story though.  And... I (once again) enjoyed her connection of Shakespears plays with her writing (this time it started out with Romeo and Juliet).

By the end of the book I can tell you one thing for sure... I should not read books that are parts of series that are not complete.  I finished this book and it almost killed me knowing that I have to wait to find out what happens next.  It's heartbreaking for me having to wait on the next book in a series I'm enjoying.  I have a really hard time starting a new story when I feel like I haven't finished the last one.  It's hard to switch gears and get into a new book.  Lesley Livingston.... please hurry up and publish your next book!!!