Currently Ana

Ana is currently OBSESSED with this set of ABCs meant for the bath tub.  She has at least a couple of letters with her at all times.  She bathes with them.  She eats with them.  She watches TV with them.  She sleeps with them.  She goes to the potty with them.  She goes to school with them.  It is currently a very rare thing to see Ana without a letter or 2.

Ana also is currently in the phase of making this cheesy smile every single time she gets her picture taken.  Well... every single time she agrees to let me take her picture at least.  If she's not making this cheesy grin she's making her grumpy face or covering her face with her grumpy arms.  I suppose I should be happy that occasionally she lets me take a photo of this cheesy grin.  (She only smiled this time because I told her I was taking a picture of her AWESOME FABULOUS OBSESSED OVER LETTERS... not her.)

She smiled here because I told her I would take a picture of her letter Q.  It seems that currently the letter Q is her favorite letter of all time (although yesterday her favorite letter was R... and who knows what it will be tomorrow).

At 2 1/2 Ana is having a love affair with letters.  And actually... she's been in love with letters for quite a while.  Last summer (just after she turned 2) she suddenly let us know that she could recognize and name every single letter of the alphabet.  She's forever naming letters.  And now she has this solid alphabet that she can have, and hold, and carry around. 

So currently... Ana's very favorite possession is a set of foam alphabet letters.  I'm hoping it's a love that holds fast.  A love of letters should grow into a love of words, and reading, and writing... right?