Crumb Books


Oh Ana....  you keep me thinkin'. Ana got off the bus today.  She ran into the house just like every other day... yelling whatever was the most exciting thing for the day.  Sometimes it's about scheduling a play date.  Sometimes it's about an assembly.  Sometimes it's about a drawing.  Sometimes I have no idea what she's talking about so I just answer with a "Wow that's great!" or "Cool, tell me more."  Eventually I figure it out.

Today... it was about crumb books.

Ana "Mommy, Mommy, Mommy, we got our crumb books in school today! We got our crumb books!"

Me "That's great!  What's a crumb book?"

Ana "You know... the crumb books.  For school."

Me "Oh, yeah.  Ok.  Cool!"

Meanwhile thinking.... what the heck is a crumb book? Did they add something to the class library from the book fair?  Is it like those BOB books?  Are they some new level reader books?  Whatever.  We're excited about books.

And then we went to pick Zoe up from her after school program.

Ana "Zoe!!!!!  We got our crumb books in school today!"



Zoe "Uh huh.  Cool."

I think she has learned to answer Ana like I have.

At bedtime we all went upstairs.  I was putting away laundry.  The girls were running around naked driving Nick crazy while they did their normal dilly dally while getting pajamas on.  He was trying to get them focused and in PJs, getting teeth brushed and ready for bed.  They were being silly.  They were all in the girls' room and I kept putting away laundry.  Ana stopped being silly to talk to Nick.

Ana "Daddy!  We got our crumb books today!"

Nick "Crumb books?  What are crumb books?"

Ana "You know... our crumb books!"

Me from the other room "CHROME!!!!!!  OH MY GOD THEY GOT THEIR CHROME BOOKS!"

I've never been so satisfied at figuring out something Ana was saying.  Ana still insists they're crumb books.  And honestly... our family will probably always call them crumb books now.  At least now when she talks about what they're doing with their crumb books we'll know what the heck she's talking about!