Cruise Days - #FebPhotoADay

Nick and I went on a cruise to celebrate our 10th Anniversary(which was actually January 13th).  We left the girls with my parents.  While they enjoyed their time with Grammy and PopPop we enjoyed our time cruising around the Bahamas.  I'll post more details on our kid free trip when we're actually back home (we get a couple more days with my family)... but for now... you get some quick #FebPhotoADay shots (which weren't always easy to come up with!!!).

Day 18 - Drink (2/18)

Yep...officially the best day ever.

Day 19 - Something I Hate to Do (2/19)

It's hard to think of something you hate to do while on a cruise... but I sure do hate drinking bad coffee.   It wasn't all bad.  The little coffee shop was actually pretty good.  I could use a coconut latte about now!  But, some of the coffee was downright evil.

Day 20 - Handwriting (2/20)

Day 21 - A Favorite Photo of Me (2/21)

We enjoyed a slightly different type of trip while kid free.  I hadn't been snorkeling since before Zoe was born.  Really snorkeling.  Coral reef... off the catamaran... snorkeling.  So, while this isn't a fabulous photo of me... it's a photo that reminds me that I still have a little adventure in me.  (I also road a horse!  On the beach!  IN THE OCEAN!  for the first time in my life!!!)

Day 22 - Where I Work


While I was on the cruise this was my job.  Let me assure you... it didn't pay well.

Day 23 - My Shoes (2/23)

My cruise feet were not happy that it was "only" 65 degrees when our ship docked back in Cape Canaveral.  These shoes are already wondering when our next cruise is going to be booked.

We're back to my parents' house in Orlando.  We have a few more days to ease back into life before heading back to the "real world".  Re-entry can be tough.