Crib... Bed... Crib... Bed...

I just keep going back and forth on what to do with the whole crib vs. bed situation. I'm very happy to hear the suggestions I've been getting. But, some are very "crib... keep the crib at all costs!" and others are very "bed... no big deal... sooner better than later!"

I did go look for a crib tent. The nice guy at Babies R Us was quite helpful in telling me that there was no way the tent would work on the crib we happened to choose to buy over 2 years ago. There went that plan. (Anyone interested in crib tents... the front and back sides must be the same height. The two sides can be higher, and the front and go up and down... but the back and front MUST be the same height. Our crib has a low front and high back, oh well.)

It was kind of a sign that we were meant to convert that crib of ours into the toddler bed it's just waiting to become. So, I bought one of those "bed rails" to keep Zoe from rolling right off the bed (because she sleeps right up against the sides of the crib). And I bought a doorknob cover, so at least if she can get out of bed... she can't get out of her room to wander around any time she feels like it. I headed home with the idea of putting our little monkey out of her cage and into a (little) big girl bed.

I got our gear home... took one look at that crib... and just couldn't get myself to do it, yet. I really thought we'd make it to 2 1/2. I still really WANT to make it to 2 1/2. Zoe is just such a good sleeper... and I'm just not ready to mess with that. So... I took off the bumper that saves her from smashing herself into the corner bars where she just LOVES to cram her head to sleep. (I know, I know... what was that bumper still doing there???? Turn me in to the Mommy Police now... bad Mommy.) I also took out any sleepy time friends that I thought might help her with her escape plans (bye bye Winnie the Pooh, bye bye puppy, bye bye Elmo, bye bye Mickey Mouse, sniffle sniffle). I didn't leave her friendless though... don't think I'm "mean Mommy" just yet! She still has a small pillow (to help her with her head smashing), and Baby and Other Baby, and a couple other smallish friends.

One more last ditch effort at keeping the crib. I know some of you are disappointed (we're being wimps over this change). I promise this is our last attempt. If it fails... I'm all set with a bed rail and doorknob cover.

So far... since I've made the changes... no more escaping. Hopefully we'll make it a few more months. I'll let ya know!