Conscience (book review)

ConscienceTour Conscience was written by Cecilia London.  It is the second book in the Bellator Saga.  I was given a copy in exchange for my honest book review.  All opinions are my own.

About the book:

ConscienceCoverAn escape plan foiled….

A determined woman….

One last tiny sliver of hope….

Jack will find me.

The Fed wants answers. And Caroline is determined not to provide them. They pull out all the stops, testing her sanity, testing her strength, testing her humanity.

Jack will find me.

Subject to cruel and merciless treatment at the hands of a government she once trusted, Caroline clings to her sole lifeline, her only chance at maintaining her tenuous hold on reality: her memories of her husband, Jack, her children, Marguerite and Sophie, and the friends who mean the world to her.

Jack will find me.

But what happens when hope starts to fade? How long until her interrogators cross over into the unspeakable sadism she fears ? How long before she finally breaks apart?

Part Two of a Six Part Saga. Conscience (approximately 115,000 words) is not a standalone and must be read after the first book in the Bellator Saga, Dissident. All books in the series end in a cliffhanger. For readers 18+. This book contains adult situations including graphic violence, explicit (consensual) sex and light BDSM, psychological and physical trauma, and an oftentimes raw, dark, and gritty plot.

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My review:

Conscience is written in the same method as Dissident.  There are two story-lines (past and present).  The past story is done as flashbacks or dreams... and are full chapters.  I love that the two stories are meshed together... and that the past stories are slowly (oh so slowly) leading up to and explaining how Caroline has gotten were she is.  The past hasn't quite caught up to the present yet... but even without having the full story, you have a much more clear understanding than in the first novel.

I'm finding Cecelia London's Bellator Saga to be really intense.  The current time is intensely full of violence... sadistic and frightening.  The past is intensely full of the love, devotion, and loyalty of family and friends... as well as intensely mind-blowing sex scenes.  I can't use the word "intense" enough.  Truly.  INTENSE.  And the extremes of past and present make it just all the much more powerful.  I felt like my heart was being squeezed.  I found myself holding my breath.    I am always in awe when writing can do that to me.  Absolutely gripping.

Conscience has another amazing cliff hanger (which I love and hate). I can barely stand to wait to find out what happens to Caroline next.  Who is left of the rebellion?  What is left of her family?  Who is secretly on her side?  IS anyone still on her side? What is happening in the United States???  And still... STILL... WHERE IS JACK??????  I'm not convinced he's been captured.  I'm not convinced he's dead.  But he could be.  But I hope not. But the INTENSITY of not knowing.  I HAVE TO KNOW!!!

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About the author:

Cecilia is my pen name. I may or may not live in San Antonio, Texas. I've been known to apply quotes from 'The Simpsons' to everyday life. I live for baseball season.


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