Confederate Moon (book review)

Confederate Moon was written by Kayelle McClive.  It is book 1 in the Moon and Magic book series.  The book review tour has been organized by N K Author Services. You can buy your copy of Confederate Moon at Amazon.  All opinions are my own.

About the book:

In an alternate world where the South wins the War of Aggression (Civil War), Bryne Williams struggles to keep her small bar afloat, not knowing that she is a powerful mage who has powers that Vampires and Werewolves would do anything to control. When sexy, charismatic werewolf Nolan Shea shows up in her bar, she knows nothing will ever be the same. She can’t take her mind off of him, but after he tells her he bought the debt to her bar, she isn’t sure what he wants with her. As Nolan becomes more a part of her life and her feelings for him begin to grow and develop she questions him and his motives as well as those around her. Can he protect her from those who want the power for themselves, or will she find herself in the middle of a werewolf vampire war?

My review:

The moment I finished Confederate Moon I had one thought... I am HORRIBLE at reading a book series when the series isn't complete!!!  I finished reading and wanted nothing more than to keep reading more Bryne and Nolan!

The book was written completely from Bryne's perspective as she's suddenly pulled into a world of werewolves, vampires, and mages.  It's a world she knows a little about... and has always had a sort of sixth sense about... but that she's only been a part of as someone on the outside looking in.  The conversations in the book were really entertaining.  The immediate connection and easy flirty banter is really fun to read from the moment Nolan walks into Bryne's bar.  I also loved the ease of conversation between Bryne and her friend Michael, as well as the personality added by Nolan's friend Alex.

I was left with a lot of questions at the end of this book.  Not really main story questions... although I do want more of the history of Bryne's family.  I did finish the book wanted to know so much more about some secondary characters.  Like Chloe (who I won't introduce to you).  Chloe comes into the story in an "OMG what!?!?" moment.  I hope book 2 has more Chloe.  Her easy-breezy was just made me want to know her more.  I could also use more Michael.  And more Alex.

I guess I'll leave my review with saying I'll absolutely be keeping an eye out for book 2!!!

About the author:

Kayelle McClive lives in Western NY but was born and raised in Southern Indiana. She is the mother of five kiddos and a grandmother. She is married to Rick who she considers her soul mate and also helps her plot out stories, characters and ideas.

She has been writing since junior high school when she found herself in the world of fan fiction and later discovered role playing games. The stories she created for characters and for her friends soon became plots and ideas for her stories.

She considers herself a fangirl and has a unhealthy obsession with Marvel movie verse, the bands Thirty Seconds to Mars and Nickelback and loves professional hockey.

Confederate Moon placed Third in the Passionate Ink, Stroke of Midnight Contest in 2012.


Twitter is @sexyfictiongal