Dear Zoe,

Sometimes you are a very demanding little girl. I'm sure one day soon we will mind that you think you can tell us what to do. But, for now, it's kind of entertaining.

You especially like to tell us when and where to sit down. The very first time you did this was in church. We were all standing up, but I sat you down on the pew. (You're getting very heavy!) You pulled at me, then patted the bench and said as clear as day "sit down, Mommy, sit down, Mommy". Since then you let everyone know when you'd like them to sit by you. It's something you say very clearly. No one questions what you are saying. You put great emphasis on each word.

You also have picked up saying "come on". When we go somewhere and you are walking, I will usually try to keep you moving by saying "come on Zoe, come on". Now you say that to everyone and everything you want to come your way. (And, as you say it you use this sweeping arm motion. So funny.) We've heard "come on Mommy" and "come on Daddy" numerous times. I know Grammy has gotten it quite a bit too. My favorite though, is when you use it on things. "Come on, boo-yeahs" (when the wind is blowing bubbles away from you). "Come on, bee" (when the carpenter bees are at the roof line). "Come on, kitty" when the neighbors cat is across the street. "Come on, baby" when you're ready to take your dolly up for a snooze. Who could say no when you say "come on"?

Hopefully as you get older your "commands" will remain as sweet!