Coloring is our favorite and our best...

Zoe and Ana are slightly obsessed with coloring.

I can honestly say that at some point every single day both of them color. 
Zoe is easy... because she can color by herself.  She can get out her crayons or markers or pencils by herself.  She can pick out paper or a coloring book by herself.  I don't have to worry about what she's doing.  I've really never had to worry about what she was doing.  She used a pencil on the wall ONE time... never again.  She is big on rules.  She reminds everyone "CRAYONS ARE FOR PAPER!"  We were lucky with her.  But... she has trained us to be lazy with the putting away of our art materials.
Ana?  Ana is a different story.  I spend the day with slight anxiety constantly in the back of my mind.  She is drawn to writing instruments like a magnet.  If there is a crayon (or a marker or a pen or a pencil or a piece of chalk....) anywhere in her vicinity she will find it.  She will then make art of whatever is closest.  Luckily there hasn't been too much damage done.  (Nothing a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser hasn't fixed.)  We, as adults, are being forced to be retrained though.  (We are slow and lazy and procrastinating learners though.  It seems we must learn by experience now.)  We can't leave ANYTHING ANYWHERE.  Ana can reach the desk, the dining room table, the kitchen counter.  She can open drawers.  She can open markers.  She can click pens.  She is an unwanted mural on my dining room wall just waiting to happen.
But oh how they love to color and draw and scribble.  They are both passionate artists.
My girls.  They are night and day.  They have so very many of the same loves... but they approach everything is a very different way.
God help me when they're both in high school.