Coffee Confessions and Toddler/Baby Obsessions-Welcome Katie to a A Madison Mom



I am Katie Zurich and I live in Madison with my husband and two kids. Kara, my firstborn, is a typical two-year old, which means we spend most of our days exploring and embracing life’s simplest and sweetest treasures. Mary, my baby, is seven months young. She makes her mark through grunts and groans along with a sense of stubbornness accompanied by lots of smiles.

Hmm, what else? I love coffee. Seriously, the first cup of the day is sacred. Dear Drive-Thru Starbucks, I love you. And while I might be a sleep deprived general hot mess, I’m obsessed with this phase of life. Motherhood humbles me beyond belief.

When I’m not buried in laundry or focusing on potty training, I can be found online in the college classroom. Before I became a mommy, I taught freshman and sophomore college composition at a New Jersey college. Modern technology gifted me the opportunity to continue my career as an online educator, so I’m often chatting online about an interesting read or advising on a thesis.

In addition to teaching, I’m passionate about writing. I started a website and program aimed at promoting self-development and fulfillment through writing. It’s a fun and carefree chance to explore how writing is taught and/or utilized in a person’s life.

So, how did I land here? I came to New Jersey at the age of eighteen. A native of Buffalo, New York, I walked into the gates of Seton Hall University focused on a four-year plan, never envisioning a family or home that would be rooted in the Garden State. But, I met my husband, Brian, and as they say, the rest is history. I decided to pursue graduate studies at Seton Hall and he decided to remain in state for law school. While we’ve lived in Texas and New York, the majority of our time together has been in New Jersey.

I lived in Central New Jersey for the past four years (I hear there’s a debate about Central New Jersey’s existence) within the greater Princeton area. Last year my husband accepted a new position that required a move.  I like to look for themes within my writing and life. One fall day I ventured to Madison to check out the town as a ‘possibility.’ Truthfully, that was the day I came home. I walked down Main Street and stumbled upon something special.

It seemed fitting to come back to an area of New Jersey where I had begun professional and personal endeavors.

Whether you're a lifetime resident or a newbie like myself, I’m determined to encourage you to rediscover or uncover the magic of Madison. I’m excited to share snapshots and stories as I navigate all things toddler and baby, with a cup of coffee in hand.