My Circle of Bubbles


During the summer when my daughter turned one, I took a mommy & me music class with her at the Madison Area YMCA. For half an hour each Wednesday, we'd clap and tap along with songs, and rattle our little tambourines and egg shakers. Becca's favorite part, as anyone who has taken the class can guess, was bubble time! The teacher, Ms. Kate, blew bubbles in the air, and the kids would try to reach up to pop them with their little chubby baby fingers. One Wednesday, as bubble time approached, Becca called out "Bubble"! Her first word! To this day, she will reenact the scene for anyone who asks her what her first word was.

Flash forward almost 8 years.

A few weeks ago, I was taking my adult ballet class at the Y when one of the other students mentioned that she just started teaching some child dance classes at the Y herself. My mind started turning. I hadn't officially worked since Becca was born, but maybe I could delve into the work force again through the Y. After class, I took a deep breath and headed into the Enrichment Department's office. With my history of teaching arts and crafts, and my volunteer experience running Brownie meetings and the school STEM Fair, the thought of teaching enrichment classes to preschoolers was exciting! Turns out, there was an opening, and after sending in an updated resume and references, and an interview, the position was mine!

To help me prepare for my own classes, I observed a few taught by seasoned teachers. Early one Wednesday morning, I stepped into Toddlers and Tambourines, taught by Ms. Kate--the very same Ms. Kate who taught the music class I took with  Becca almost 8 years before! As she prepared for the class that would start in 15 minutes, she showed me around the craft room, pointed out where the supplies were, and explained the general class timing. They had recently organized the supply closets, and Ms. Kate was having a hard time finding the bubbles she needed for the class. "It's the kids' favorite part of class," she told me as she eventually found them and opened the door to begin the class. "I definitely know that," I told her.