Cinderella the Musical on Broadway


I saw this video (that was shared on Facebook by the Cinderella page)... and it reminded me that I never told you all about our trip to see Cinderella on Broadway.

We were so lucky to be invited by

The Moms

to attend a pre-opening performance of

Cinderella the Musical on Broadway

.  It was such a beautiful performance.  The scenery was fabulous.  The music was wonderful.  The singing was amazing.  And the costumes?  Oh. My. Goodness. The costumes.  I don't think I can begin to explain how gorgeous the costumes are.  You can see them in the video... but that doesn't even do the costume work justice.  When Cinderella's rag of a dress is transformed into her gown?  It is nothing short of magical.  The costume change is done right in front of your eyes... but I swear that Fairy Godmother's wand is full of true magic.  You have to see it to believe it (and even then you're left thinking "how in the world did they do that????")

My only complaint about the show might be that it was a tad bit too long... even for me.  If it was a tiny bit too long for me, it was a little too long for Zoe, and a LOT too long for Ana (and possibly EXTREMELY too long for Nick.  haha.)

My absolute favorite part of the event may have been after the show when we were able to have a meet & greet with the cast.  We were invited to the show by The Moms, and I love that my girls are having the opportunities to get a little behind the scenes glimpses of things.  I love hearing about how the actors got started... how Harriet Harris started acting class when she was 7 because she was SOOOO shy... or how Victoria Clark actually has to fight a fear of heights while being the magically flying fairy godmother.  Not everyone gets to hear these things right from the actors and actresses mouths.  I also love comments from Zoe & Ana like "CINDERELLA HAS REGULAR CLOTHES???????" We learn a lot in a 30 minute meet & greet!