Choppin' the Locks

Yesterday was the big haircut day for Becca. She'd been growing her hair for what seems like forever, partially because she loved having long hair, and partially because there never seemed to be time in the schedule to get a haircut. A few years ago, she heard that some people cut their hair and donate it to be made into wigs. This was in the back of her mind, but she was never quite ready to part with her locks.


This past spring, she decided she'd do it, just not yet. She though she wanted to cut it in May, but then she was in a play and was afraid to cut it in case the director wanted her to keep it (at least that was the excuse Becca gave). Then she wanted to cut it the second to last day of school, so she could go into the last day of school with her new haircut. With hectic end-of-school schedules, we just weren't able to get around to it. Last week, she wrote a letter to her friend Ava who was away at camp, and proclaimed that, once her friend was back from camp, she'd come with her to watch it get cut. Well, I guess she had a plan now!

The next question was where to donate it. We had planned to donate it to the Childhood Leukemia Foundation's program, in honor of her friend Gwen, who was diagnosed with leukemia just before kindergarten and is now a strong, healthy sophomore in high school (yeah, Gwen!). CLF made "Hugs"--wigs that had the top section as a only mesh and the hair starts just above the ears. The idea is that kids would wear these "Hugs" with a hat, they would be cooler and less itchy, and the hair could be longer since it doesn't need to start at the top of the wig. Gwen had a "Hug" during her treatments, and her mom said how great it was. Unfortunately, when we were researching the cutting instructions last week, we found that they just stopped the program and were not accepting hair donations. So, we went with our second choice, and another great program--Pantene Beautiful Lengths, which makes and donates free wigs to women going through cancer treatments.

So, yesterday was the day! We washed and dried her hair, picked up Ava, and headed off to her appointment. First, we asked the hairstylist to dry it even more, assuring it was bone dry--one of the requirements for the program. (I've heard that some people have sent in bags of wet hair that have turned moldy and can't be used.)


Then, the hair stylist put her hair in three ponytails, making sure that the length of the pony tail was at least 8 inches. (Pantene Beautiful Lengths requires at least 8 inches, though they would prefer longer, if possible.)


Then came the snips!



And the reaction!


And the happy girl!


Final step is to bag and send it off! Becca was so excited she could cut her hair to help others, that she could share the experience with her friend, and that she loves her new hairdo!