A chocolate bunny ran right by...

I'm sitting here finally going through the pictures I took at Easter.  How is it possible it was over a month ago?  Time seems to be rushing away from me again lately.  It just seems to slip right through my fingers.  I believe the saying is something like "The days are long... but the years are short."  So very very true. 

I imagine Zoe saying "Aw Mom... are you really going to make people look at pictures of our Easter dresses NOW?!?!"  I hear it in a tone much like I imagine her using when she's about 14. 

I decided I just had to share some of the photos though.  The day was so beautiful... and Nanny (my grandmother) always picks out some of the prettiest holiday dresses for the girls.

Ana has this crinkle nose smile.

The twirl factor is important in fancy dresses.

Zoe and Ana are both obsessed with "Beanie Boos" lately.  The Easter Bunny brought some smiles with these bunnies.

Sigh.  It seems Zoe is just about beyond finding the twirl factor important.  She just wanted to pose with her bunny.

I wish Zoe and Ana would always be as sweet to each other as they look in this photo.  Lately they've been full into the sibling battles.  I'm at my wit's end sometimes.  I should just blow up shots like this one to remind me they really aren't fighting ALL the time.

This could be my favorite Easter egg hunt photo of all time.  The thrill was definitely there for Ana this year at the church egg hunt.

Another egg hunt waited for them at Grandma and Grandpa's house.  The kids would probably hunt all day if there were enough eggs.  Although... Zoe would take breaks to check out what was in her eggs.

The cousins have always seemed to have a good time together.  I know that when I was little I enjoyed some time with my cousins... but the relationships that Zoe and Ana seem to be forming with their cousins (both here in NJ and away in FL) seem special.  There is a bond that I feel growing strong... and I hope they always have it.  (I also look at this photo and imagine the bunch of them getting into all kinds of trouble as they get older... Andrea... we better watch out!)

 And this?  This just shows you that the day was a great fun success.