Children and Anxiety... what can parents do?

Carmen Vasto is a Madison father who is also a therapist for children and teens. He recently held a seminar for the parents at Torey J. and I heard such good things from the parents that attended.  I also have a friend who's children see him, and she says he's amazing.  With the international day of Happiness next week, Carmen has scheduled a presentation with the Madison YMCA about children and anxiety.

Good to note... Carmen also started a blog recently that will be updating pretty regularly to give some unique insights into how therapy can be helpful for kids and ways for people to see things differently. The goal is to get help to as many children and teens as possible. If you can't attend the presentation... you may want to visit the site and

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I have talked to so many parents about stress and anxiety in their children.  I see it in my own girls.  They have so many things scheduled all the time.  We're parents who try to keep in minimal, and I think our girls are still a little over-scheduled.  They want to do dance, and girl scouts, and art, and science fair, and when can we have a playdate, and how much homework do you have, and we still want to fit in family time, and honestly... time to sit on our butts and just veg out.  Then add in the things that SO many people are talking about today... bullying is so talked about, and cyber bullying, and who has what social media, and what school tragedy is on the news today, on top of all of the usual school age and pre-teen and teen angst that all of us went through.

These kids... I hate to say it... but I can see they have it harder than I did.  I was stressed enough.  I can't imagine how they all deal now sometimes.  And like I said... we're a family that tries really had to minimalize activity choices.  We want those memories of sitting around all day wearing PJs... or hanging out in the backyard until sunset with the neighbor kids.  But, it's so rare.

Carmen in going to talk about the "common stressors for today's students, and how parents can address them."

In schools today, bullying, peer socialization and social media all amplify anxiety in children. It is important for parents to recognize warning signs and be able to talk to their children about common stressors. In this seminar, we will discuss anxiety, including social media and its effect on school-age children. We will wrap up with a Q&A session addressing parents’ specific concerns.


Children and Anxiety Seminar


Wednesday, March 21; 7 p.m.


F.M. Kirby Children’s Center of the Madison Area YMCA: Kirby Gym


Open to Kirby parents of school-age students and all parents in our community.

This is a parent only (no kids) presentation.




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Carmen G Vasto, MA LPC ACS Carmen is a licensed, professional counselor (LPC) and has more than 10 years of experience counseling children and adolescents. His work includes in-home and out-patient therapy for community clinics and local hospitals, and research for the National Institute of Mental Health. As a parent of two children, he fully understands the challenges facing children and families in today’s world. Carmen holds a master’s degree in Clinical Counseling Psychology.  More information and contact can be found on Carmen's website.

F.M. Kirby Children’s Center of the Madison Area YMCA 54 East Street, Madison, NJ (973) 377-4945