Chalk Time

(Photos from 5/19)

Sidewalk chalk is not my favorite thing.  I just can't stand the feel of my fingers covered in chalk dust... and the scrapping of the chalk on driveway.  Nope... just don't like chalk.  (Perhaps that's one reason I'm not a teacher like I planned?  Maybe I'd like it more now that they all have white boards?  No?)

I don't like chalk... but boy, do my girls like chalk.  If it were up to them we might draw with sidewalk chalk every single day.

Hey Mom... wanna do chalk?

I wonder if Ana's hair will start out occassionally flippy and then end up a wavy/curly as Zoe's.  (I know this isn't REALLY a chalk photo... although she IS holding 3 pieces of chalk.)

 Zoe has the chalk drawing position perfected. 

Sometimes there are actual pictures drawn... but most of the time we just get color blocks... rainbows of chalk.

I do like the fact that sometimes chalk drawing takes quite a bit of time.  It's amazing how much one can concentrate on drawing dusty lines.

"OK... that's it... this big bucket of chalk is mine, mine, mine!  I'm done sharing this treasure."

"Oh alright.  OK, Julia... I will share my chalk with you... but only to teach you how awesome sidewalk chalk is.   I suppose it's only fair since we ARE actually drawing in YOUR driveway today."

"See... look Julia... you have to do it like this."

"Don't worry... we'll keep practicing with you.  That way you'll be as obsessed with chalk as much as we are!"

For these 2... I draw with sidewalk chalk.  But ONLY for these 2.

Do you like sidewalk chalk?  Does anyone else have issues with just not liking it???