Catch up!

If you hadn't noticed... so far I have been having a successful NaBloPoMo. It's the 18th and I've posted every single day so far. Only 12 days to go!!!

Other than that... I can't seem to catch up.

I can't catch up with reading my favorite blogs (and forget about commenting... please know I'm reading even if I'm not commenting).

I can't catch up with my laundry (I seem to be doing a load every day... and then the next day everyone has a full hamper again).

I can't catch up with food shopping (I thought we had food... where did it go?)

I can't catch up with the DVR (thank goodness we have it or I'd miss all the must see shows that are on right now).

I can't catch up with my e-mail (you should read these posts at halftime lessons and Decisionally Challenged ... it would make my e-mail responding a whole lot easier. I currently have 31 e-mails from "")

I can't catch up with my picture ordering (but... Snapfish has kicked my butt into gear by offering free shipping on your whole order... but JUST TODAY ONLY ORDER NOW NOW NOW! I'm in the process of ordering photos from August through October with FREE SHIPPING!!! Yippee!)

I can't catch up with putting my photos in my albums (and it's just going to get worse... see above).

I can't catch up with my tidying (my house is a big cluttered mess).

I need a hair cut, and my nails done, and my eyes checked, and my car washed, and my computer photo/video files backed up, and to fill out Ana's baby book (because Zoe's is rather complete).

Sigh.... I just can't catch up.

How are you all doing? Are you all caught up?