As a baby, my son was not a good napper. Even as an 11-year-old now, he will do almost anything to avoid bedtime. (Last night he even Swiffered the floors!) He hated naps. Like kicked-and-screamed hated. As a desperate mom with another one on the way, I'd load my two-year-old into the car and drive around with lullabies playing on the CD player, until his eyelids got heavy and he'd finally doze off. But then I was stuck in the car with a napping toddler for an hour or so (if I was lucky!). At that point, I started to compile, in my head, a list of things I could do and places I could go without disturbing my little napper. I'd usually get a soft-serve at the McDonald's drive thru, and sit in the parking lot paying bills. Now, nine years later, I am finally getting around to creating what every mom needs--a genuine list of local places with drive-thrus or curbside delivery. So, off to the ever-informative Madison Area Parents Facebook page I went with my request for any place within a 15-minute drive that offered these services. I had expected a few places, but the posts kept flooding in! Confirmation that I was not the only one who found a desperate need for this type of list. Here's what we got:


  • Bank of America 117 Main St, Madison

Drive-up ATM.

  • Chase Bank 186 Ridgedale Ave, Florham Park

Drive-up ATM and teller services.

  • PNC Bank 240 Main St, Madison; 172 Ridgedale Ave, Florham Park

Drive-up ATM.


  • Starbucks 640 Shunpike, Chatham (73) 377-5979

Drive-thru. Be careful of the high-volume loud speaker

  • Dunkin' Donuts 329 Route 10 East, East Hanover (973) 884-6215

Drive-thru, and open 24 hours!

Department Stores:

  • Nordstrom, The Mall at Short Hills, 1200 Morris Tpk, Short Hills, (973) 467-1500

Buy online, and curbside pick up.

Dry Cleaners:

  • One-Hour Modernizing, 33 Kings Road, Madison (973) 966-6926

Drive-up window.

  • Tide Dry Cleaners 24 Morris Tpk, Summit (908) 219-4525

During store hours, an employee will bring your dry cleaning out to you. Otherwise, there is a 24-hour drop-off/pick-up kiosk so you can get it any time!

Grocery Stores:

ShopRite from Home: order groceries online or on the app, choose a day/time (at least 4-hours notice), and they bring your groceries out to your car.


  • CVS multiple locations, including both Chatham locations: 641 Shunpike and 471 Main Street

Curbside Express: order online or thru app, they will text when it is ready, you drive over, text to say you are parked in the curbside spot, and they bring it out to you.

  • CVS 451 Ridgedale Ave, East Hanover (973) 463-3301; also 410 Route 10, Whippany (973) 884-4960 (store open 24 hours)

Drive-thru pharmacy, in addition to Curbside Express.

Will bring items out to your car for you, and also does local prescription delivery.

  • Walgreens, 176 Columbia Tpk, Florham Park (973) 805-7420; also 343 Springfield Ave, Berkeley Heights (908) 464-2095

Drive-thru pharmacy.


Order online or through the app. Pick up at Carside to Go spots.

Reportedly will bring out to your car.

Drive-thru window.

Drive-thru window.

Curbside pickup. Call when you arrive at the Bank St. parking lot  behind Batavia, and they will bring it out to you.

  • California Pizza Kitchen Short Hills Mall, 1200 Morris Tpk, Short Hills (upper level near Saks 5th Ave) (973) 379-3700

Order online and curb-side pick up.

Curbside pick up.

Phone your order in and they will bring it out to your car.

  • McDonalds 176 Columbia Tpk, Florham Park; also locations in Berkeley Heights and East Hanover

Drive-thru window.

Order meals and pull in to the back alley. See Web site to get weekly menu emails.

  • Outback Steakhouse 1300 Rt 46 West, Parsippany; and all locations, including Springfield.

Order online. Curbside pickup.

  • Panera Bread 270 Rt. 10 East, Hanover, NJ (973) 526-8000; Also Parsippany, Springfield, and Watchung locations.

Order online. Drive-thru window.