Car Chores


If I added up all the time the average Madison parent has spent in his or her car waiting for the school bell to ring, I estimate that it would be about 3 days each year. (Note: No scientific study was performed to come to this conclusion.) Add on the days we get there super early to get a prime spot, and I predict it is over a week! (Ok, I might be exaggerating...)

Many of us take these quiet moments to scroll through our Facebook feed, but lately, I have been trying to cross things of my lengthy to-do list by using these precious minutes to do what I like to call "Car Chores." Here is part of my ever-growing list of things you can do while waiting for the kids:

  1. Clean the glove compartment Mine is packed with I don't even know what!

  2. Clean the steering wheel Grab those baby wipes or bring some Lysol wipes and rub down the wheel. Think about it -- how much time have you spent holding the steering wheel vs. how many times have you cleaned it? (Ewww! Gross!)

  3. Sweep out the car I keep a small dustpan and brush to whisk away the dirt, sand, sunflower seed shells, etc.

  4. Pay bills I have a zip-loc bag of bills, checkbook, stamps and envelopes that goes with me whenever I need to wait a while.

  5. Write thank you notes or birthday cards Again, a gallon zip-loc bag of thank you cards and an address list helps me get those notes done faster!

  6. Delete phone photos My phone keeps telling me that the storage is almost full. I usually find that is because my kids like to take long videos of them singing karaoke. I get a smile watching them, then delete, delete, delete!

  7. Order photos The only time I ever print photos these days is when my kids need them to decorate their writing folders in September. I now mark the ones I want to print as a "favorite" and order them in small groups using the Walgreens, Walmart, or Shutterfly app.

  8. Clip coupons I keep a tiny pair of scissors in my purse or just rip them out.

  9. Toss old coupons I always seem to have more expired ones than usable ones.

  10. Sew on buttons or Brownie badges I never seem to find the time to make small repairs at home. And, I have to admit, all those Brownie badges are stapled on right now! I need to get them sewn on!

While it is always good to get things crossed off my to-do list, I have found that the best use of time while waiting for the kids is to actually get out of the car and get to know the other parents waiting! On a rainy or cold day, though, I get some chores done!