Calling the Clueless: Come Get Well With Me

Like many, I’m knee-deep in new commitments and challenges, which hopefully will set the tone and flow for 2019.  I am invested in what I refer to as steady wellness because too often it’s rushed, short-lived, and/or commercially based. The wellness I seek celebrates walks, fresh air, rest, water, and all the veggies.

But in the spirit of transparency, it’s a lot of work. In fact, I’m bewildered by the prep and process. Wellness is a 24/7 active engagement type of thing. And far too often it’s presented as one dimensional.

“The concept of total wellness recognizes that our every thought, word, and behavior affects our greater health and well-being. And we, in turn, are affected not only emotionally but also physically and spiritually.”–Greg Anderson

Anderson’s words are acutely aligned with my beliefs. While I’m absolutely committed to better physical performance and presence, there’s more beyond the body.

So in the spirit of wellness and all things thought and emotion-based, tell me something you’ve done to make yourself better, more healthy, and happy. Seriously, tell me.

Madison has a host of businesses and products that align with my mission. Soon, I’ll be featuring the wellness finds and treasures our town has to offer. For now, I’m collecting all recommendations and tips of the trade.

Madison mamas, let’s get well together. If you’re clueless like me then we can delve and discover together.

PS I’m still hanging at fitfabmoms and would love if you’d come sweat with a sister. I’m the lady with the bright red cheeks huffing and puffing but loving the energy and impact of this workout. There’s nothing like working out alongside women warriors.

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