Call of Duty (book review x2)

COD banner The Call of Duty books were written by Tamara McHatton.  The book tour was organized by N K Author Services.  I received copies in exchange for my book review.  All opinions are my own.

About Deadly Obligations:

81LQwFxTuoL._SL1500_Captain Garrett Jensen, decorated Green Beret, has two great loves in his life...his career and his family.

The continual demands as commander of a Special Ops unit become too much for his wife, Cathryn. Although she loves him, she's grown weary of fighting against his career and files for divorce, wanting a normal and safe life for their girls.

But when danger, wrapped in the guise of Garrett's latest assignment, strikes close to home, estranged husband and wife must team up against the deadly drug underworld in order to save their kidnapped children.

Embroiled in secrets at every turn, learning to trust other each again becomes the key. Their enemies are within, and without, but which is which?

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My review:

This book really had me thinking about military families that I know.  While I always wonder how in the world the spouse at home deals... I can't say I ever REALLY thought of the details of it.  Especially when the spouse has the secretive missions that some Special Ops groups must have.  I can't imagine not even having any form of contact for months and months at a time.

While I found it a bit ridiculous that Cathryn pushed her way into joining him on the mission to saver their daughters and that Garrett couldn't figure a way out of bringing her... I did appreciate the idea that it truly gave each of them a chance to really see what the other deals with.  Cathryn can really understand why Garrett's missions are so important to him... and Garrett learns what Cathryn must live with on a daily basis every time he leaves home.  It was really eye opening.  I can tell you that I believe that military spouses are every bit as heroic as soldiers.

While the action, adventure, and suspense of the novel made for a fun read... what I really loved was the process of Garret and Cathryn losing each other... and then trying to decide if what they had was worth the fight to get it back, or if they even wanted it for themselves or their family.  It was a really emotional journey.


About Deadly Loyalties:

81HTDuXZmSL._SL1500_Chantilly LaFleur's old commander tasks her with creating an experimental ops squad unheard of before 9/11, a colossal opportunity to make her vision of a Skunk Works team a reality. The only hitch in the plan is one of her trainers.

Bucky Stevens, Green Beret and rogue soldier, agrees to come on board to help his friend, Major Jensen. Beats sitting behind a desk. What he didn't expect was his latest conquest as his commanding officer. Trying to put aside their past, they answer the call of duty to train an alphabet group of recruits in the latest cutting-edge technology. But when terrorists strike on US soil before the end of training, their green team is shoved into the field. With high adrenaline and higher stakes,

Chantilly and her motley crew will need to depend on their deadly loyalties if they want to make it out alive.

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My review:

My least favorite thing about this book has got to be the name "Chantilly LaFleur".  It says anything BUT commanding officer.  Maybe that was the point.  That said... I loved her as a character.  I loved that you were in her head... and that while she exuded the confidence of a commander to her trainees, in her head she still had the normal insecurities of wondering if she was doing the right thing... and of appreciating a job well done being acknowledged by both her superiors and her trainers.  And Bucky.  I love that Bucky was attracted to Chantilly in a bar dresses as sexy "girly" as you get... but was just as turned on by her being strong and in charge.  It was pretty impressive to see a male character that was strong and sure of himself... but wasn't rushing to "save" the girl (ignoring the fact that she's as badassed as he is).

I enjoyed the build up of this military vs. terrorist novel.  Having the separate sections in each chapter of the terrorists making and implementing their plans... while at the same time having the section of the new Special Ops team going through training made the timeline interesting.  I especially liked seeing how Chantilly went through her process of training and eliminating members of the team... as well as working through pairings of stronger fighters with stronger brains (for lack of a better way to say it).  For all of the build up... I do wish the ending didn't feel as rushed as it did.  But... I do suppose that's how it is in real life too.  Training is training... and when the action begins there is no telling how fast paced it can be.

I hope book 3 is focused on Bobbi & Jeremy.  I love the idea of her being the brawny soldier and him being the brainy tech.  I loved the little bit we learned about them and the support they gave each other during training.  I can't be the only one wondering if they're just platonic, supporting Special Ops partners... or heading for more.

About the author:

Pic of TamaraI grew up in Cocoa Beach, Florida around astronauts and aerospace engineers, a true child of the Space Race. Is it any wonder I live life like one big adventure? After turning thirty-something, I became an editor and reviewer, and have over fifty books to my credit. From there, I ventured into providing stock photography and cover art for books worldwide, and then married one of the models I "discovered." Oh, and did I mention I have worked with the Chippendales, Thunder from Down Under, and RT's Men of Romance models?

I spent the first ten years of my married life as a Special Forces wife, raising a bunch of boys along the way, then went through a divorce that changed my world. I tucked tail and retreated to Florida, back to my mother and family. It took a while, but I eventually remarried "The Perfect Hero," became the co-owner and CEO of SUITE Magazine, traveled the world, and immersed myself in pleasures of the water: jet skiing, snorkeling, scuba diving, tandem surfing, etc. So now, I've come full circle and

I'm writing again, thanks to Gail Delaney and Desert Breeze Publishing.