Cabin Fever

This week was a long tough one. And it only goes to show that the next 2 weeks may be just as long and hard (if not longer and harder). I know the exact reasons that Zoe and I had such a difficult time too.

No plans. No classes. No school. Bad weather.

We used to have 2 classes at the YMCA each week. A little over a week ago (Thursday 8/16) we had our last class for the summer session. The new session doesn't start until September 10th. That's a long 3 weeks. (Zoe's toddler program is also run by the YMCA... so that also doesn't start until September 10th!)

The same week that classes ended... the community pool discontinued their morning hours. We used to go to the pool 2 or 3 mornings a week. No more. We can go in the afternoon after nap time... but that doesn't really help to wear Zoe out for nap.

Now... the additional problem we had this week was weather. Crappy, rainy, who-decided-it-was fall-already-??? weather. So on top of no scheduled class and no morning pool time... we couldn't even go to the pool in the afternoon. And, we couldn't even really play outside. Let's talk about a long week of being trapped indoors with a toddler!

The things I did give in and do this week to save our sanity? A visit to Chuck E. Cheese, a walk in the rain (followed by a warm up bath), a trip to the mall with Zoe's baby doll stroller (so she could walk off some energy). I tried anything I could think of.

When I looked at the calendar I realized we have 2 more weeks of this nothing planned schedule. I have hopes that the sun will make an appearance. I have dreams of afternoon pool visits and running around the backyard. I'm wondering how many playgrounds we could find to visit. I am praying for sunshine and warmth. And after seeing what fun Jodi had... I'm even thinking of a little day trip to Sesame Place (just thinking...)!

The downside of the next 2 weeks... even if the sun brings us back to a sweltering NJ summer end of August? Nick is going away for work. Next week he's off to Houston. The following week he's off to Sweden! I may lose my mind.

As I'm typing... a tiny bit of sunshine is peaking through the clouds. I have hope. Come on sunshine... you can do it!!!

Now... if we could just do something about the humidity that makes it feel like swimming in soup? We'd have it made!