Bye-Bye Daddy!


It's just Zoe and me this week. Nick (aka Daddy) left today at noon to go to Seattle then to Houston for work. He'll be back late Friday. So... it's just the 2 of us for about 5 1/2 days. It's not the first time. Nick has business trips every few months or so. We always survive.

In some ways our days are really not all that different when Nick travels. Normally he gets up and leaves for work before Zoe wakes up and calls me out of bed. We spend our whole day doing whatever it is we do all day long. Nick gets home sometime between 5:30 and 7pm usually (the busier work is... the later he is). We do dinner together, I give Zoe a bath, Nick does Zoe's bedtime, we go on the computer/watch tv/etc. We go to bed. So on weekdays the main difference for Zoe is that she doesn't see Daddy for the hour or two between dinner and bed.

I can tell you... that hour or two that he isn't here each day makes me completely aware of the fact that I would hate being a single mom. It's amazing what a relief I get when he gets home and I can "relax" for a bit while Zoe thrills in Daddy's arrival. And once I finish bathtime... I'm "done" with my "job" for the day. I hand Zoe over to Nick and I remove myself. They have some Daddy time... and I have some alone time. It's like I've clocked out for the day. I know I'm still "on call"... but it's more of a shared "on call".

So, until late Friday night I'm a single mom. I'll enjoy parts of it. (no sharing the tv, no sharing the computer, no body else's schedule to think about, no snoring waking me up!) But, as I put Zoe to bed each night this week I will be thankful to know how lucky we are to have a 2 parent household. And whether Nick believes it or not... we do miss him while he's gone.