Butterfly Stitching (book review)

Butterfly Stitching was written by Shermin Kruse.  It is available in paperback & ebook on Amazon.  It is available in ebook on Barnes & Noble.  I was given a copy in exchange for my honest book review.  All opinions are my own.

About the book:


Shermin Kruse’s debut novel, “Butterfly Stitching” is based on true events of her experience growing up in Iran. This intriguing ethnic tale explores post-revolution Iran through two remarkable women, a mother and daughter, who overcome political horrors, encounters with secret police and a forbidden romance, all of which increase their determination to flee the country in a nail biting thriller.








My review:

I truly loved reading Butterfly Stitching.  Shermin Kruse's writing is poetic.  Her words are just so visual: you can't help but picture a vivid image when reading her writing.  She truly has a talent with words.  I found myself reading slowly, so much slower than I usually read.  I felt like I just needed more time to absorb everything Kruse was saying.

While Butterfly Stitching is a work of fiction, it was "inspired by the true stories of Iranian women".  While I'm not ignorant of the way women live in other parts of the world, after reading this I feel like I have more of an understanding.  I feel like I've heard this story from a friend.  Like a good friend has shared her family history with me.  Sahar and Samira, and their story, is just so real to me now.

I highly recommend reading Butterfly Stitching.  Truly.

About the author:

Kruse spent her early childhood in Iran prior to growing up in Canada. Now an American citizen, Kruse became the youngest female minority to partner at her downtown Chicago firm, Barack Ferrazzano, upon obtaining her law degree, cum laude, from the University of Michigan. Her strong passion for global issues and the arts is reflected in many aspects of her life,  including regular contributions to scholarly legal articles and a regular advice column for Chicago Lawyer, to the co-founding of Pasfarda Arts and Cultural Organization and her wide range of hobbies,  including modeling, dancing, painting and photography.