Busy Little Bees

Because of the end of October storm Halloween was "postponed" until today (11/4) here in Madison.  I think it was an awesome call... safety wise and in general.  Honestly... I would be OK if they declared that Halloween would be on the Friday after (or before) October 31st every year.  Halloween is awesome on a weekend night!

Anyway... today was officially Halloween in Madison.  It was a REALLY busy Halloween too.  The public schools had their parades and parties today.  One of Zoe's friends had a birthday party scheduled for today after school... and it was originally Halloween themed anyway.  Then right after the party we came home and headed out for an early evening of trick-or-treating (there was just no getting our already costumed kids to sit around and wait for dark).

Zoe had her costume on for about 7 strait hours today.  7 strait hours of Halloween.  Talk about a busy little bee.

Do bees hibernate?  Because I totally feel ready to do a little hibernating after today.