Bubble Bubble Toil and Trouble

On the last day of school Ana came home with a bottle of bubbles.  Ever since then she's been wanting to "blow bubbles blow bubbles blow bubbles".  But, she has a rotten mother who doesn't like to blow bubbles and who thinks of a million things to do in order to redirect the activities away from the bottle of bubbles.

Uncle Jim was visiting.  I guess Uncle Jim likes blowing bubbles... or he's not as good at saying no to Ana.  (Actually... no one is really good at saying no to Ana.  She has this magical way of getting people to do what she wants.)

Anyway... he likes bubbles, he couldn't say no to Ana, he wanted to sit in the lush NJ grass... I don't know.  Whatever the case, there were bubbles being blown.  Well, almost being blown.

Ana, can you blow bubbles?

Ok, blow.

Ok, here.... blow again.

Not so hard.

Try again.

Look, look, look!!!! A bubble!!!!  (And um... Grace?  Why are you sitting in that bush?)

I did it!  I blew bubbles!  It took forever... but I got a bubble... and I'm the happiest kid on earth!!!

And then Grace came over and was like "here, gimme that thing."


I suppose that just goes to show you what a 6 month difference can make.