BSM - NOT our Christmas Card Photos

Since having my little anxiety attack about our Christmas cards not having been mailed (or received... or ordered... or designed... yikes) I have actually not only photographed the girls (a billion times) and designed the cards (or 5) and ordered the cards (100 and then a second order for 20 more) but, I have actually MAILED the cards (well... at least the first 100... I'm still waiting to get the next 20).

For Best Shot Monday I just had to share the photos I didn't use.

Zoe and Ana were pretty cooperative about giving me one good photo per "pose". There weren't any hard decisions. I just had to scan the bunch and say "Yep, there it is... the 1 in a million that turned out well!"

Like this first photo? This was one of 33 in the same position. They're both smiling and happy and sparkly eyed. It was the very first shot of 33. The rest involved tears, and crossed eyes, and Ana falling over, and Zoe looking at the ceiling. But this one? Perfection. We didn't use this on our card though.

My next pose had the girls on the blanket on the floor. This shot is (again!) the first shot of 28. They just both look so happy. Cheery little sisters. Not quite perfect (Zoe's undershirt strap sticking out, eyes a little squinted shut by both girls...) but it is SO my girls. Together and giggling. The other 27 shots were also cute... but started to involve Ana realizing she could get Zoe's hair. You can imagine how the photos progressed. This is also not our card photo.

Then I thought I might use a separate photo each of the girls. These "photo shoots" were much calmer. But... Ana was only happy for about 2 clicks of the camera. She enjoys having her picture taken much more if Zoe is involved I guess. But... I liked this one (although I was thinking of going black and white). Again, not on our card.
Zoe is hard to photograph alone. She gets silly or annoyed or bored. She is at that point where she has a hard time understanding how to put on a "nice smile" rather than a "cheese". Again, she also seems to take better pictures with Ana rather than without her. I took about 50 photos of Zoe alone... about 3 had a nice smile... the rest had a tongue, or eyes covered, or her head on the floor, or... like I said... a big "CHEESE". This shot turned out alright (and was going black and white) but is still not on our card.

So now you have an idea of what is NOT going to show up on a Christmas card. These were the best of a couple hundred attempts. I'm very happy with how our cards turned out... and I'll share them with you all soon. I don't want to spoil it for anyone getting the actual card in the mail though... so I'll wait a little longer.

And... if any of my bloggy friends would like to swap cards just e-mail me your address and I'll send you mine. (Although it may mean I have to order a few more cards. haha)