The Bouqs Company

*Disclosure: I was invited to become a Bouqs Co. Ambassador. I was provided with a free flower delivery from The Bouqs Company in exchange for an honest review. Post include affiliate links.  All opinions are my own. The other day (or 2 months ago... because procrastination is my thing, I guess) I got an e-mail from this guy, Adam.

It's Adam, here at The Bouqs Company (the new floral kid-on-the-block with awesome South American flowers picked from the side of an active volcano). Never heard of us?

Flowers, volcano, fresh, simple, FREE SHIPPING always, awesome in general.

You now know everything about The Bouqs. Boom. Dynamite.

His e-mail went on, and then just like that, I thought "If The Bouqs Company is anything like their marketing guy it is just going to be all kinds of awesome."  So, I clicked right over to their site to check them out.  Then I found out that their website is just gorgeous and so user-friendly.  They have a blog (link at the bottomish of their website) that is truly worth subscribing to.  After I clicked around a little more I also found this video which I ended up watching twice (and then another time just now).


It all looked and sounded amazing... so I looked at all the flowers.  GORGEOUS.  I couldn't stop looking at flowers.  I couldn't decide which flowers I would want.  The flowers?  I want them all.  But, finally, I settled on the "Dawn" bouq.

Our Orange premium Roses are a magical sight when fully bloomed. Grown on a Volcano and cut-to-order, this flower bunch will blow them away like a breathtaking sunrise.  Our flowers are shipped straight from our eco-friendly, sustainable farms on the Volcano to your recipient's door, with Free Delivery!

So, Adam was cool.  The website was user-friendly.  The flowers looked gorgeous.  The ordering process was a breeze. The price was exactly as stated.  Could the flowers possibly be as amazing as promised?  I wasn't holding my breath (flower deliveries are rarely as expected in my experience).  But... you never know.

My flowers were delivered exactly when they said they would be.  They were SO safely packed!

BouqsPackagingEven the directions printed on the flower box were adorable.


And my flowers?  The "Dawn" bouq was GORGEOUS!  I swear my flowers were even prettier than the flowers on the website.  While my photos don't do them justice... the color was spectacular and they truly just got prettier each and every day.  They also lasted well over a week (which I find is really rare with roses).


I can honestly say The Bouqs Company delivers on what they promise.  It is easily one of my favorite new businesses online.  From the very first e-mail contact from Adam, to the ordering process, to the flower arrival, to Adam's follow up e-mail(s) (because I am procrastinator extraordinaire)... The Bouqs Company is perfection.  I haven't got a single negative comment to share.

Well.... maybe one complaint.  I WANT MORE FLOWERS!!!! The Bouqs - Premium Farm Direct Flowers