Birthdays are Bananas

Growing up my mother made my birthday the most special day of the year. Little touches like breakfast in bed or special songs enhanced enthusiasm for my birthday. All sorts of traditions were formed to commemorate my birth and I’ve taken a cue from my mother’s book to emulate the same efforts for my girls.

But when I look back on the memories from my childhood, which were long before the days of Pinterest inspired scenery, I am most fond of the feelings associated with the gentle but genuine touches of a mother’s love.

Cue unicorns. My soon-to-be four year old is knee deep in her unicorn obsession. It’s raining rainbows and unicorns in our house and we’re doing our best to support the unicorn toy industry. She asked for a unicorn inspired party for her birthday, which included a guest list of family and school and family friends.

Yesterday we hosted her party at The Village Play Cafe. We had a full house and I felt some anxiety walking into the party with a big crowd and packed parking lot. They handled all the major details so I’m not sure why I was anxiety-ridden. Literally, I lifted no hands. From set up to clean up there were people taking care of the necessary to-dos. And despite all of this help I caught myself still trying to do something other than soak up the specialness.

Luckily I snapped out of it and sought out the princess of all things unicorn. I made sure to watch her eyes sparkle with delight. And while there were balloons galore, generously frosted cupcakes from Shoprite, and all little and loving touches courtesy of The Village Play Cafe, I recognized something significant, which is that birthdays are bananas. To be clear, I don’t think this is a bad thing. My definition of crazy has nothing to do with excess. Birthdays are bananas because time is fleeting, childhood enlivening and exhausting, and the candles on the cake are a marker for much more than age.

Four years ago I was gifted the privilege of motherhood. And while days like yesterday mark the celebration, it’s just as important, if not more, to keep the adventures and advantages of parenthood close nearby for daily doses of gratitude. Not everyone gets to see rainbows or feel the magic of unicorns. I’m lucky. I’m off to go do the little things in preparation for a 4th birthday tomorrow. I hope one day she’ll remember my love wrapped in the details. After all, it’s what’s most important.

Special thanks to a mama-inspired business like The Village Play Cafe. What an awesome place to wander in wonder.