It's Our Birthday Month!!! And I want to give you a present!


10 years ago, on March 14th 2007, I put my fingers to the keyboard and published my very first post on A Madison Mom.  It wasn't anything... just a little hello.  My first REAL post was on the 17th... and I'm sure it took 3 days to write because it was SO long.

A LOT of things have changed in 10 years... both on the website and in life.  Years can seem like a lifetime... or a blink of the eyes.  The difference between being 34 then and 44 now.  The difference between having an 18 month old or having a tween.  The difference between having a purple jellybean Rav4 and a 2nd Minivan (grey outside and in... it's name should be Eeyore).  And blog changes.... to .com to .net. Countless looks.  Total "mommy  blog" to lifestyle/hyperlocal.  All on my own to having four (soon to be five) writers working with me.

But didn't I JUST have Zoe?  Didn't Ana JUST come along?  Didn't I JUST write that first post?

10 years! Crazy.

I thought for our 10th Birthday I would share 10 posts.  10 random posts.  Going through and finding them has made me realize how I've used my blog to share my happy and my sad... my laughter and my tears.  It was REALLY hard to pick 10 posts out of 20 years.  I've written about so many different things over the year.  But... here are 10.

10 Posts for 10 years:

  1. Beginning (the short while I tried writing Zoe letters)

  2. My New Contractor (the start of the never-ending bathroom remodel)

  3. Nuchal Translucency Screen (a lifetime ago)

  4. Swimming With Frogs (I could watch some videos over and over)

  5. I'm a Jersey Girl ready for some #JerseyLove (social media for social good)

  6. And Just Like That... (some posts still make me cry)

  7. How to Fall in Love With New Orleans (some amazing travel writer trips)

  8. Once upon a time it was Easter... (so many holidays celebrated)

  9. Pink Sandy Daydreams (some awesome family vacations)

  10. Bottle Hill Day in Madison (and so many fun things in Madison)

AND I want to give our readers a birthday gift.  What is a birthday without presents?   So for oor our birthday...  I'm picking up four Madison Gift Checks for $25 each.


For the next four Fridays (3/10, 3/17, 3/24, and 3/31) I'm going to randomly select one of our email subscribers.  Obviously... you must be an email subscriber to enter and win.   lot of you are automatically entered to win!  Yippee!!!  If you're not a subscriber it's easy peasy.  Just go to the home page... look in the sidebar... and fill out your name and email in the "Sigh up for Email Updates" box.  That's it.  All entered AND you'll start getting an update right in your mailbox each week.

Winners will be chosen with using the number of subscribers on each Friday night between 10pm-12am.

If you'd like to give us a birthday gift... make sure you're subscribed!  And tell all of your friends to subscribe!  Nothing would make me happier than to have more people to share A Madison Mom with.

Winner for 3/10 is Maryanne Eget!

Winner for 3/17 is Lisa Gotsch!

Winner for 3/24 is Janet StraightArrow!

Winner for 3/31 is Desiree Flaherty!