The Birthday and Momaversary Tradition


My firstborn turned three today. Insert whatever cliché phrase about time because I’ll vouch for the truth within the words.

I love birthdays. Truthfully, I’m kind of obsessed with them. But since becoming a mommy, I’m especially over the moon when a kiddo of mine gets to experience the joy and celebration of a birthday. Why?

Because it’s a day dedicated to remembrance, growth, and goals.

It might seem silly but I’m trying to instill the habit of self-care and celebration at an early age. I want my daughter to recognize the value of what she’s accomplished within a year. I desperately desire for her to dream big and imagine more with optimism and creativity. I hold hope in my heart that she’ll seek out new adventures as she grows and gives herself goals that are self-motivated and make a difference for others.

Yes, she’s 3. But these types of practices and ideas start now. This morning I let her walk me down memory lane. Some memories were from yesterday while others as far back as Halloween. It was pure fun to hear her version of life. This afternoon we talked about how big she is and looked at pictures from when she was just born. It was sweet to hear her say in a tiny voice, “I was way little, mama.” Tonight we made a plan for what this next year will entail. Goals were established. We’ll go to the zoo more, find an ice cream truck, and have more dance parties. Serious living standards were set. These are our traditions.

I treasure this day for her and I honor it for me. Each year marks another year of motherhood. The greatest, most tiring, challenging, rewarding, and self-revealing role of my life is only three years old. How? Wasn’t I just pregnant? Didn’t I just joke with the nurse that I have no idea what I’m doing?

I’m still so new to this. Most days I am clueless. However, I’m having so much fun. She makes me think harder, dream bigger, and laugh louder all while sleeping less. I don’t know how but each day is better than the last.

It’s not about the cake, the presents, the party, or the décor. Yes, all of these things are taking place in my life right now, but it’s not about them. On February 26, 2015, life changed. It has kept on changing since then at a record pace. I hope we'll always slow down and honor our traditions on her birthday.

Self-care and celebration, my friends. What are your treasured birthday traditions?