Big Pink Mess

Every year in the beginning of May we get a big huge pink mess in our front yard thanks to a Flowering Cherry Tree.  It's beautiful... but it's a mess.  Those flowers get EVERYWHERE by tracking around on your feet.  Our grass ends up looking like this...

Every year I try to take advantage of the pinkness to get some photos.  Zoe's first May pink photo session in 2006 was the BEST.

Zoe's photos in 2007 weren't so great.  She did not want to have anything to do with sitting in the petals.  She wouldn't even touch them with her hands.

In 2008 I totally  missed the mess.  We were away.  These are the only shots I have that year of pink flowers.  (Cute hair cut though, right?)

In 2009 Ana had her first shot at the pink petals.  It ended up being a very chilly May and it poured rain and knocked all the petals down suddenly.  I still tried to get my shots.  Zoe still wasn't interested in the petals especially since they were cold and wet.  Poor Ana ended up with a wet tushy and was a little annoyed that the petals didn't taste as sweet as they looked.

This year it was chilly and windy... but I squeezed in some great shots right before a big rain storm. 

I really look forward to next Spring.  I think next year Zoe and Ana will both really enjoy the pink petals and help me get some amazing shots (as long as we don't get a huge rain storm!).