Best Shot Monday - Oh Christmas Tree....

We put our tree up last weekend and it sat for a week with just lights. This weekend... sick or not... that tree was getting decorated. (And boy were we sick!) We decided it would be best to start while Zoe was napping. That way we avoided any toddler arguments about which breakable ornaments she should ceremoniously smash. She came down from her nap and was awe struck. She exclaimed "Wow! It's beautiful!" We saved her about a dozen fun and kid-friendly ornaments and let her put them wherever she liked.

Zoe is very serious about her tree decorating.

She understands that ornament placement is a very important thing.

Once she was done she gave a "pat check" to each and every ornament. Any that fell off were given a stern look and were replaced on the tree.

I'll share some ornament photos (because I can! hee hee!)

I'll call this one my "Best Shot" for Picture This! Not quite sure why... but I really liked how it came out... and with no editing at all.

The reindeer that Zoe insisted was a bunny.

Shimmer and sparkle.

Look... it's me!

Happy Holidays!!!!