Best Shot Monday - Donation Result

There is one thing I didn't really think about when doing NaBloPoMo. It's killing my Best Shot Monday. During the week... anything I think to take a picture of is usually post worthy. So most of my favorite shots have been used up.

This did tickle me though. I took it this morning.

Today we made a donation to the Lupus Foundation of America. We received a post card in the mail about setting up a pick up... and thought... why not? It was so easy to set up. You just go to the pickup site, type in your zip code, and they tell you when a pick up is scheduled for your area and you sign up. Then you put your stuff outside and they come pick it up. Simple.

Well, signing up was simple. Finding 3 bags of clothes, 1 bag of shoes, a pair of old glasses (I haven't worn glasses since college) an old walking toy, a stroller we never used and a few other odds and ends... that was simple. Putting it all out on our step was simple.

Trying to explain to Zoe why it was outside while she screamed "OH NO, MY STROLLER, MY STROLLER, OH NO, MY TOY, OH NO"... that was not simple.

The only thing that saved our day was this umbrella stroller that is an "extra" (in addition to the extra stroller we donated). You all have one of those right? An umbrella stroller just laying around. Anyway, it saved me. I pulled it out. I had to push her around the house in it for a while. Then she refused to get out of it (maybe for fear it would end up outside with the other one?). So there she sat.