Best Shot Monday! - Back to school

Zoe had her first day back in her toddler program. (She's going 9-12 on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday) I made sure to take a few pictures (of course).

My favorite shot... sniffing mums.

Who is this big girl... and where did my baby go?

I was a little nervous about how she'd react... thinking maybe she'd be a little upset at the thought of being left at school again. I spent a lot of time reminding her who she would see and what she would do at school. We pulled up to the school and she started marching right towards the door, announcing "I see Karen! I see Mike! I see John! I see Mike! I see Collin! I see Mike!" (I think she likes her one teacher Mike... what do you think?) No fears, no upset, no tears. Silly Mommy... worrying for nothing.

Zoe jumped right in and started chatting up the closest kid.

Dot-dot paints were set up... "Hey, I paint!"

Markers at the easel.. "My markers! I color!"

By the time I took the last shot she was like "Alright already Mommy, get out of here, I'm busy!"