Best Shot Monday!

On March 19th 2007 I posted my very first Best Shot Monday.  Best Shot Monday with Tracey was one of the main reasons I started my blog. I watched for so long as other people shared their photos... until I just couldn't take it anymore.  It is the "place" where I met the majority of my blogging friends. Tracey announced today that she is "closing the chapter of Best Shot Mondays".  While I haven't participated in a while... Best Shot Monday was my starting point.  It's where my blog began.  So... I'm a little sad to see the end.  But... I understand Tracey's need to move on.  I can also say that this might nudge me into taking another of Tracey's Big Picture Classes (like the Picture the Holidays that just finished).

So today... today is the last Best Shot Monday.

I thought it would be fitting to finish how I started... with Zoe bundled for a snow day.   I must say that it's fun to compare this photo to my first.  Some things are the same.  Some things different.  Time does go quickly, doesn't it?

So... thank you Tracey for helping to pull me into blogging.  Thank you for creating such a warm community.  And for creating something that encouraged me to take a better look at my photography.  Best of luck with the next big thing!