Best Shot Monday! Always wet.

It's Monday once again. Time to share my best shot of the week with Tracey at Picture This! I'm cheating a little... and I'm putting up 2 pictures.

The first picture was taken earlier in the week while Zoe was "watering the plants". Of course, she waters herself as much, if not more than the plants. (I was excited by this picture because I've FINALLY got a picture fitting the diagonals idea. What can I say... better late than never?)


I was all set with the first picture. As soon as I took it I knew I'd post it today. But then this morning it rained... and Zoe wanted to go outside anyway. I figured it was warm enough for an umbrella walk. I put on Zoe's water shoes and we went out to search for puddles. Of course, she wanted my umbrella...


I didn't get a picture... but imagine me following her carrying a little red and yellow Elmo umbrella. We did get wet... but we had fun!